The Rochester ANNOUNCE List is an email listserve used to announce your progressive events to hundreds of interested people in Greater Rochester, and to make you aware of the events of others.

To post an event, you must be subscribed to the list. To subscribe, simply send a blank email to with the subject: Please subscribe me to the Rochester ANNOUNCE List. The email must be sent from the subscription address.

Once you are subscribed, you can post announcements to the list by sending a text-only message, with no attachments, to this list. The list is moderated, and accepts no discussion, just announcements of progressive events. You will recognize announcements from this list by "[ANNOUNCE]" at the beginning of the subject line.

The ANNOUNCE List is not the work of PeaceWorks Rochester, but is a valuable service we are honored to promote. It was set up by Alliance for Democracy - Rochester and is being moderated as a public service by Rome Celli. To learn more about the ANNOUNCE List Serve or about Rochester Alliance for Democracy, go to the Rochester Alliance Website.