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Decentering Power and Privilege: A conference for peacemakers

Description: Decentering Power and Privilege: A conference for peacemakers
July 2-7, 2018 • Keuka College • Keuka Park, NY USA

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The annual conference of BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz is for everyone who longs for the spirituality, inspiration, skills, knowledge, and community to support a life of peace rooted in justice. Peacemakers from throughout the world will come together for a week of inspiration and training that will empower each others' work for justice. Feel free to join us for one day, a couple days, or the full week!

Theme and Daily Focuses
Through this year’s theme, Decentering Power and Privilege: Becoming a Peculiar People, we will challenge the status quo and traditional/systemic holders and wielders of power. As witnessed throughout history, speaking truth to power and creating change is not easy. Many of those working for justice have been met with significant consequences - persecution, imprisonment, even death. If we are to put feet to our faith and resist not only with our words but also with our lives, we too might be marked as traitors and troublemakers. We will be peculiar people. For the work to be done we are in need of partners and fellow travelers, each motivated and motivating the other. This Summer Conference will provide us with the opportunity to engage and learn. Our time together will require that we be BRAVE! If you are interested in creating a change – within yourself and in the world around you – we invite you to join us at Keuka College!

Daily themes include:
Monday, July 2: Unity vs Uniformity
Tuesday, July 3: No limits, no boundaries, no one left out
Wednesday, July 4: Decolonizing the Americas
Thursday, July 5: I'm coming out
Friday, July 6: Let's go back to the water
Saturday, July 7: What you gonna do when you get out of jail

Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza
Named by the Center for American Progress as one of the 10 Faith Leaders to watch in 2018, Robyn Henderson-Espinoza is charting a path the gives new imagination to that of the borderlands and border crossing efforts of activism and theology.

Ree Belle (Brittíni)
Brittíni, who goes by the name Ree Belle as an ode to the women who have come before her (her grandmother J. Ree and her grandma’s cousin, L. Bell), is a poet, artist, and creative; womanist, scholar, and healer; organizer, activist, and strategist.

Dr. Cheryl Bear
Cheryl Bear is Nadleh Whut’en from the Dakelh Nation and Dumdenyoo Clan. She is a multi-award-winning singer/songwriter and a gifted speaker and teacher who has traveled to over 600 Indigenous communities in Canada and the United States sharing her songs and stories.

Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle
Marvin McMickle is the 12th and current President of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School.

Jessica Vazquez Torres
A native of Puerto Rico, Jessica identifies as a “1.5 generation Queer ESL Latina of Puerto Rican descent.” She currently works as a consultant and core/organizer trainer for Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training.

Dr. Derrick Harkins
Dr. Harkins is the current Senior Vice-President at Union Seminary in New York City.

Eleazar Pérez Encino
Eleazar is the Sustainability Programs Coordinator of the Mayan Intercultural Seminary in Chiapas, Mexico. Here he works with indigenous communities in developing agricultural processes that are relevant to the cultural, historical, topographical, and nutritional contexts of these communities.

Rev. Gerardo Oberman & Mr. Horacio Vivares, Co-founders of Red Crearte, a Latin American liturgical network
Rev. Gerardo Oberman is a songwriter, poet, and pastor in the Reformed Churches in Argentina and current president of the denomination. Horacio Vivares is a composer, arranger, and orchestra conductor from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Location: Keuka College • Keuka Park, NY USA
Date: Wednesday, July 4, 2018
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