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NO! to US Wars at Home and Abroad

Description: Friday April 13, Rochester is coming out to say:

NO! to US Wars at Home and Abroad

The Trump Administration's nuclear threats to North Korea, escalation of the criminal wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, a coup threat in Venezuela, Israeli massacres of Palestinians and huge increases in military spending threaten us all. Efforts to drive the poor outside the door of society leave us all at risk.

We face the dangerous growth of white supremacist forces, escalating raids on migrant workers, increasing homelessness and poverty, attacks on the rights of workers and communities of color, and the slashing of social programs. the willful destruction of the environment despite dire warnings of devastating consequences.

This has to end!

There is a national call for people to demonstrate in the streets on the Weekend of April 14 and 15. There is no way to build a just and prosperous America when all of our resources are spent on weapons and wars. Instead of killing people in other countries and bartering their resources we could have universal education and health-care, jobs and a social safety net for all, here and around the globe. We could afford green energy and clean water. We we can afford to welcome refugees and immigrants. If we didn't spend more than half our income on war we could end poverty. Imperialist wars abroad and racist wars at home must end. Come out to demand support for the country we want to live in.

There will be big demonstrations in Washington DC, New York City, Boston and San Francisco on April 15. Many other mid-size cities are organizing for this weekend. You can see what other cities are doing on the Spring Action 2018 Website.

Here in Rochester we will lead into the weekend with a series of events on Friday April 13. You can get a PDF of our Flyer HERE, and a JPG HERE. Meet us at the House of Mercy, 285 Ormond Street at 3:30; Join the rally at the Federal building at 4:30 or find us along the way. We will be marching from Central Ave, up Clinton Avenue, Across Main Street and down State Street to the Federal Building.

Our local event is sponsored by Peace Action and Education, Workers World and the House of Mercy, and endorsed by Metro Justice and Christians Witnessing for Palestine.

The call is endorsed by dozens of national peace and justice organizations, including United National Antiwar Coalition - Code Pink, World Beyond War - Black Alliance for Peace - Popular Resistance - Veterans for Peace - Answer Coalition - The Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases - Green Party of the United States - Peace Action New York State - Friends of the Congo - IFCO/Pastors for Peace - WILPF - North American Climate - Conservation and Environment - U.S. Peace Council - 350 Connecticut - Asian American Political Alliance - Free Mumia Abu Jamal - Socialist Action, Workers World . . . and many many more

Location: House of Mercy, 285 Ormond Street at 3:30; Join the rally at the Federal building at 4:30 or find us
Date: Friday, April 13, 2018
Priority: 5-Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Ted Wilcox
Updated: Wednesday, April 4, 2018 3:04pm GMT